Infinity Swim

Infinity Swim School opened our doors to Phillip Island families during May of 2010.  Since then we have watched our centre fill with confident smiling children of all ages.

We have expanded from operating 2 days a week to 5, with our full attention focussed on giving every child living on Phillip Island and surrounds the opportunity to learn vital water safety and aquatic skills.

Infinity Swim Is No Backyard Pool

Ok, it is actually in the backyard but once through the gate most are often quite surprised at what they find. Our Facility is registered with the Bass Coast Shire council as a commercial pool, therefore we have to adhere to the guidelines and strict regulations that any large public pool or aquatic centre has to.

This includes:

•   4 hourly testing and water balancing on a daily basis
•   microbiological analysis carried out by a water technician every 3 months

We are conscious of the impact a pool can have on the swimmer, instructor and the environment. As a result Infinity Swim uses state of the art technology including:

•   8 Star energy efficient pumps both for turning over water and heating purposes
•   Infinity is also very fortunate to be the only commercial pool in Victoria to incorporate an ENVIROSWIM

ENVIROSWIM is a unique pool system that uses natural minerals and oxygen to sanitize the water.

This dramatically reduces the need for harmful chemicals and their bi-products:

•   Smell
•   Drying effects on skin and hair
•   Rapid deteriation of swim wear

Our facility offers the client a bright, warm convenient space for their aquatic needs. One of the first things anyone will notice when entering the pool building is the dome roof. Our entire roof system is made of a honeycomb polly carbonate called Danpalon. The same roof system can be seen in state of the art Aquatic Centres all over the world.

The Danpalon roof allows natural light and heat to enter the building which reduces the need for conventional lighting and artificial heating during the day while filtering 99.9% of all harmful UV light.

We endeavour to further our eco-friendly approach to the business and the environment by actively researching new developments and technologies in the Aquatic Industry. We are constantly evolving to enhance our facilities and service to you and the wider community.