Parents Guide

To ensure a safer, cleaner more enjoyable experience at infinity we ask that all parents take note of the following:

Caps On
Infinity Swim prides itself on A1 water quality, this is partly due to our compulsory CAPS ON policy for all children 3yrs and above, attending a class without a carer present in the water. Wearing a cap enhances your childs lesson by:

•   Allowing goggles to slide on with ease
•   Keeping goggles in place and not becomeing tangled
•   Keeps hair out of eyes and predominantly dry, this is extremely important for the winter months.

Caps can be purchased at the pool, any sports store or big retail outlet such as BIGW for a minimal cost.

We also ask that all swimmers wear appropriate attire. Uniforms are part of nearly all sports, swimming is no different! To allow correct stroke and kicking technique to be taught children need to wear the following:

until properly toilet trained must wear a swim nappy. Huggies little swimmers are by far the best, there are cheaper ones on the market but from experience they can let you down…… Carers can wear what ever makes them comfortable.

A one piece swim suit or sports bikini if it has no ties. Tie-up straps when loose or become undone cause distraction and can cut into class time. We have a saying: “The less time spent adjusting the more time spent learning” Half an hour goes very quickly!

Speedo’s or fitted trunk short, no boardies or rash vests. Boardies hold water become heavy, and create drag, rash vests can make the child cold and also hold unwanted water. Save these for the beach !!

When your child is learning to swim it is important they feel as comfortable as possible. Goggles play a vital role in this. They allow great vision underwater and keep water out of precious eyes. During the early years 0-3 we don’t enforce the wearing of goggles. As children progress to learning strokes, we then ask that they have their own goggles at every lesson. When purchasing make sure they fit your child’s face properly, many different styles and sizes are available.

Goggles can be purchased at the pool, along with quality swimwear and accessories.

To make your families time at Infinity run smoothly,

•   All equipment should be adjusted and ready to go before you get to the pool.
•   A dress rehearsal at home is a great idea for your little ones who may be apprehensive or a tad nervous. Practice wearing caps in the shower or bath and goggles too.
•   Find out your instructors name so you can talk about what your child can expect when they arrive
•   Above all ensure the experience is a positive one.

Learning to swim is a wonderful gift, a skill they will have for life, taking time out of your day to make this happen makes you a wonderful person in your childs life..