Rules at the pool

To ensure the pool environment remains comfortable, clean and inviting for all clients:

•   No food is to be consumed in the pool building

•   All learn to swim students must wear a cap (3yrs and above in a lesson without a carer)

•   Appropriate swim wear must be worn to enable correct technique to be taught (no board shorts or rashies)

•   All non- toilet trained children must wear a swim nappy

•   No soaps, shampoos etc…to be used in the showers (they are for rinsing only)

•   All children not swimming must be supervised at all times

•   No child is to enter the water until their class has started

•   Disruptive, un-safe behaviour will see children out of the pool until they can co-operate (parental support with this is appreciated)

•   Please respect the property, including the facility and surrounds

•   The trolley inside the pool building is out of bounds to all children