Enrolment Information

Please read all information regarding enrolments at Infinity Swim School.

Enrolment at Infinity Swim School

Enrolments are accepted on a term by term basis. You are considered enrolled for a term if you have paid your fees and had a set class allocated to your child. Please fill out an enrolment form on-line with all relevant information regarding your child(ren).

So we can give your child the best experience it is essential to place them in the appropriate swimming class, suitable to their standard and ability. To achieve this we like to assess each child individually.

Class Times
Once your child's enrolment form has been completed and their assessment has been conducted we will organise a permanent class time that is suitable. This class time will be as close to your preferred times as possible.

If at any time your class is no longer appropriate for you for any reason please let us know as soon as possible so we can attempt to make this easier for you.

Missed lessons & Makeup Lessons
We understand that sometimes your child needs to miss a lesson due to illness or other commitments. If this happens you may qualify for a "Makeup Lesson".

To qualify for Makeup Lessons please observe the following:-

    •  You must have notified us BEFORE YOUR CHILD's LESSON by phone call, email or text that your child will not be attending. (please include child's name, class day & time).
    •  Terms fees must be paid.
    •  Makeup lessons must be completed during the term
    •  Makeup lessons can not be exchanged for cash refunds or credits towards term fees.
    •  If you did not notify us that a lesson or makeup lesson was not going to be attended you will forfeit the lesson.

If you do not wish to be enrolled for the upcoming term please let us know as soon as possible so other children can have that class. If you then choose to come back we can not guarantee a place.