Term 4, 2017 will begin on Monday 9th October – Tuesday 19th December, enrol now to book your spot.

Term 4 2017 fees include swim tuition starting Monday 9th October – Tuesday 23rd December.

 Fees due on Monday 23rd of October 2017

1 child       $200.00
2 children  $400.00

For a third and consecutive sibling a 50% discount applies for that child’s fee. 

Eg; Term 2, 2017 for 3 children  =  200.00 + 200.00 + 100.00  Total amount = $500.00



All Term fees are due in full the 2nd week of each term. If clients have difficulty paying fees, arrangements can be made with the manager prior to the term starting. Please speak with Jo if this is the case.  Infinity Swim has adopted a ‘No fees, no swim policy’ please ensure you pay your fees on time to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable situations.

If fees are more than 4 weeks overdue there will be a $15.00 late fee.

Bank: IMB
Name: Infinty Swim
BSB: 641 800
ACC: 200728079

If you wish to pay via cash, correct money must be placed in a clearly named envelope with child’s full name and swim time and deposited in to the fees box located on the pool deck.

Please be advised that term fees may change and can be altered according to how many weeks of each term the pool is operational.