Kinder Kiddies 3 to 5yrs

Kinder kids are full of energy and life, thus so should be their instructor. Classes for this age group aim to provide your children with a safe, trustworthy and fun environment where they can progress at their own rate. Our low teacher: student ratio ensures each child‘s individual needs are catered for. You can expect your child whilst in this stage of development to start swimming horizontally, begin to use a flutter kick and over arm action and gain a stronger understanding of water safety principals.  

There are 2 levels to this stage

All children at Infinity are assessed according to ability not their age. The ages given are just a guide, all kids progress at different rates and this should be respected at all times.

Pushing a child too far when they are not ready could result in a negative experience for your child. Gaining the Childs trust at this age is of utmost importance.