School Age

Our learn to swim program for school age children incorporates 4 levels of achievement. All children at this stage are learning water safety and awareness skills coupled with stroke development, streamlining principals and efficient kick technique for each of the 4 primary swimstrokes - freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly.

The 4 levels of this stage

Safety drills are conducted every term to ensure all children have a sound understanding ( according to age ) of safe water practises and rescue procedures.

Our pre-squad classes consist of:

•   sculling
•   streamlining drills.
•   stroke progression and kick drills
•   body mechanics

At this level the Manta certificate is achieved, all interested and keen swimmers are then encouraged to join Phillip Island Swim Club for further endurance training and competitive stroke work. Our swim school has a close relationship with the club as we are both striving to keep kids fit, healthy, safe and active within the community. This enables the children to set and achieve goals and gives them a sense of belonging and self-confidence.