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Infinity Swim facility

 Infinity Swim School is a purpose built indoor learn to swim centre.  The facility was designed specifically for learn to swim with a focus on ease of entry, safety and comfort . Our pool is an “L’ shape 12.5m (L) x 3m (W) for lap swimming then a wider  x 6m  of clean, crystal clear water for infant and toddler classes. The soft seat area allows freedom of water play and steps for easy safe entry . There are  two change rooms. Toilets and baby change tables. Infinity Swim has two open unisex showers on the  pool deck for all swimmers to rinse off . The showers are temperature controlled so the kids can ‘do it themselves’ !! Our water quality is A1 with a temperature of 32deg and above all year round .

Ozone Swim – Healthy Swim Certified

The health and safety of our swimmers is our top priority therefore we have recently invested in an Ozone Swim – Advanced Oxidation Purification System (AOP) which is a combination of both Ozone and UV technology. The combination of Ozone and UV technology produces Hydroxyl Free Radicals, one of the most powerful oxidisers on the planet and will provide our staff and swimmers with the healthiest water/environment possible.

Our new AOP system will:

Destroy Chlorine by-products (Chloramines);
Destroy Chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia;
Reduce Chlorine demand;
Enhance water clarity;
Ensure staff and bather comfort; and
Improve air quality.