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Infants 4mths to Toddler 4yrs

Children in these classes swim with a parent or care giver until the instructor decides they are ready to progress to a group kinder class. This decision is based on cognitive, social and motor development. The role of the support person is extremely important at this age. You are there to enhance confidence, provide security and spend quality time with your infant orpre-schooler in a relaxed  warm comfortable atmosphere

Your child will gradually attain aquatic skills and confidence through play , trust and nuturing .
Our star fish programs are full of a range of fun filled activities, games and songs for each stage of development.


• Feels Safe, secure and content in the water
• Tolerates and enjoys water on the face, ears, head and eyes
• Gained a sense of buoyancy
• Explored, with a smile, the water environment through song, games & toys
• Blow bubbles with their mouth

• Enters the water safely

• Using ducks and rings to kick on their front and back

• Explored with confidence different ways to move through the water

• Discovering bouyancy through independant play

• Enjoys submersions and will voluntarily jump into the pool
• Building safe water practices (monkey move, float, climb out)

• Enter the water unassisted
• Use aides to assist with independent movement and propulsion
• Showing signs of safe water practices (monkey move, climb out, float)
• Blows bubbles with face submerged, mouth and nose
• Exploring different methods of propulsion and submersion
• Use rudimentary crawl technique to propel, returning to their peer as a source of secure and reliable positive support

• Safe water entry
• Independant float 3 seconds
• Showing safe water practice skills (jumps in, turns to safety, self propels to safety)
• Front kick with aide & bubbles (face submerged)
• Comfortably swims unaided any style to a reliable source of safety
(wall, mat, flotation aide, peer)


Kinder kids are full of energy and life, thus so should be their instructor. Classes for this age group aim to provide your children with a safe, trustworthy and fun environment where they can progress at their own rate. Our low teacher: student ratio ensures each child‘s individual needs are catered for. You can expect your child whilst in this stage of development to start swimming horizontally, begin to use a flutter kick and over arm action and gain a stronger understanding of water safety principals.  

There are 3 levels to this stage

All children at Infinity are assessed according to ability not their age. The ages given are just a guide, all kids progress at different rates and this should be respected at all times.

Pushing a child too far when they are not ready could result in a negative experience for your child. Gaining the Childs trust at this age is of utmost importance.  

• Blow bubbles mouth and nose
• Hold face flat in water (eyes, mouth and ears)
• Kick on front and back with aid
• Submerge fully
• Tiny Torpedo 3m (correct positioning)
• Deep water awareness & experience
• Float back and front
• Freestyle arms with continuous kick
• Breaststoke arms with circular kick

• Kick on the front with aide
• Kick on the back with aide
• Safety step in, recover to edge, climb out independently
• Torpedo 5m – correct streamline position
• Freestyle arms with continuous kick
• Breaststoke arms withcircular kick

• Jump in float for 10 seconds swim to safety
• Tread water for 15 seconds
• Torpedo 6m in a streamline position constant long leg flutter kick
• Deep water recovery 1.7 metres
• Breast stroke (basic circle arm and leg action) 5m roll to float 3 sec, recover back to breaststroke s
• Back stroke kick 6m with Aide
• Freestyle 6m with constant kick , long over arm action


Our school age programs are designed to accommodate all skill abilities and confidence levels, from beginner through to advanced pre-squad stroke development.

Classes are structured in levels to meet the individual needs and capabilities of each student. All classes seamlessly  integrate water safety and survival skills. Each skill is taught progressively with a focus on developing fundamental strokes, refining excellent body position and  maintaining a balance of exercise , technique and fun !

All classes aim to provide a lifelong relationship with the water through physical, intellectual and personal development

Learning to swim isn’t just about the strokes….its a vital life saving skill that will be embraced for years to come. Lessons help your children to make safe, sensible decisions and solve problems around water, not just in  the pool but Rivers, lakes, and the Ocean



• Torpedo 8m streamline position
• Confident freestyle using arm and leg action 8m

• Confident backstroke using arm and leg action 8m no aide

• Breastoke kick, correct element with circular arm action

• Front float 10 sec / Back float 10 sec

• Recover objects at varied depths

• Deep water experience

• Tread water, float, recover edge, climb out unassisted

• Streamline torpedo 10m – constant flutter kick

• 10m freestyle with constant kick and breathing

• Recuse & be recused by reach and throw method

• Shallow dive – correct positioning, deep end

• 10m breastroke kick front and back correct elements

• 10m backstroke with correct positioning – constant kick

• Dolphin kick 5m

• Jump into water, tread water 15 sec float, recover to edge

• Handstand or somersault

• 25m freestyle with correct technique
• 25m backstoke with correct technique
• 10m breaststoke – correct timing (arms, breath, kick, stretch)
• 10m dolphion kick – legs together with good undulation
• Tumble turn – chin on chest legs tucked, solid streamline
• Float and tread water for 2 minutes
• Shallow dive – correct body positioning
• Surface dive to recover objects in a minimum depth of 1.7m

• 50m freestyle with correct technique
• 50m Backstroke with correct technique
• 25m Breastroke with correct technique
• 10m Butterfly with correct keyhole arm pull, good undulation
• Tread, float, scull for 3 minutes
• Tumble turns (Freestyle & Backstroke)
• Sculling feet & head first on back
• Racing start dive
• Safety step, fit PFD then be towed to safety